My Likes

Here are some of the things that I like.

Black coffee: Most of the time I like it strong. No sugar, as it does it kills the flavor.
Crosswords: On line and on paper, using a pen with black ink.
Books: Mostly novels and old literature.
TV: I’m very picky about what I watch. Old Law & Order, NCIS, Burn Notice, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld.
Sports on TV: Baseball, college football, its more exciting than the NFL, which do watch. Also college basketball.
Happy people.
Winter and Autumn.
Walking, except when there is to much ice on the pavement.
Favorite foods: Chicken, Pasta, Pork Roast.
1% Milk.
Bottled water.
Rainy days.
Newspaper: The Boston Globe. Digital and the print editions.
Ice cream: When I’m in the mood for it.
Clothes: T shirts, sweatshirts on the loose fitting, and jeans.
Holding the door open, for both men and women.
Writing: When I get my act together, and hopefully get into a routine.

There are more things I like, but the list above, tells you a little something about me.

I will do a follow up post, concerning my dislikes.