9 thoughts on “Your Government Has Failed You

  1. yep, the system is rotten&broken all over the world… But HOW can you fix “that”?…

    • If more people voted and used their heads instead of their feet, then we could send a message stating, enough is enough. Another we need is term limits, cut down on the campaign seasons, and limit as to how much a candidate can spend.

  2. Will we fix it? I would support a revolution of sorts…where all the ordinary citizens marked into the great halls of Congress and the beloved White House and demand they all leave or we will refuse to pay our taxes (which I think we should do anyway) so there will be no money for them to spend except the worthless paper money they keep printing.

  3. Somebody, somewhere, somehow better fix it! We will all wake up one day wondering ‘What happened?” when our liberties that are slowly dwindling today are completely gone!

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