Dysfunctional Family

The US government is so screwed up, it doesn’t seem to know which end is up. Washington has finally settled the debt ceiling, a short term budget, which end on January 15, and the debt ceiling ends on February 7.
For 16 days, a certain amount of federal employees didn’t get paid, national parks closed, but in those 16 days, both houses of Congress collected their pay checks. This is not right, and they should be ashamed of themselves, for accepting those checks.
Come next January, we’re supposed to go through with this bullshit again, and probably another three months after that.
It’s maddening at what goes on down in DC. It’s one big Dysfunctional Family, and many other foreign countries must be scratching their collective heads, at what the hell is going on.

12 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Family

  1. Exactly what I have been writing about. They should have money taken AWAY for walking off the job. They should be FIRED for walking off the job. Who else could do that and come back whenever they wanted to AND get paid AND, if they wanted to, vote themselves an increase in pay. Seriously, this is something that needs to stop NOW. And this STILL isn’t over.

  2. I agree with you and all the comments, the question is what are we, the people, going to do about the situation. We all seem to talk, but do nothing to change the status quo.

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